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Study design

Our study focuses on day-to-day variation in caregivers' experiences during the height of the pandemic, and whether this affected their interactions with their child.

Children were 18-26 months old at the start of the study, a time they are rapidly learning new words! All families spoke English, had access to a smartphone, and were living in the United States.

Rolled Spa Towels

Audio record bathtime

Every time their child bathes, caregivers take an audio recording on their cell phone. They submit this recording with their survey.

Mobile Phone

Complete survey

At the end of bath time, caregivers complete a survey that asks about their mood, worries, sleep, how they spent their time that day, and anything unusual about bath time. Every seven surveys, they also answer questions about changes to their finances, employment, the COVID situation, or the health of a family member.

Headphones and Keyboard

Transcribe speech

Transcribers are assigned to a family, and they transcribe all of the bathtime recordings for their family. They note each speaker, what the person says, who they are talking to, and any other important notes.

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