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Soap Suds

Chelsea Jimenez

Transcriber & analysis intern


UC Berkeley, ‘23



How Chelsea would describe herself:

Avid thrifter.

Q&A with Chelsea

What interests you about this project?

The project particularly interests me because I had not previously considered how caregiver-child interactions could be impacted during the COVID-19 pandemic. Typically, studies examining caregivers’ wellbeing have focused on effects between families, but what's special about this project is that we are focusing on individual differences within families where we can analyze the amount of child-directed speech from a sole caregiver.

How would you describe your transcribing process?

The past two years of transcribing audio recordings has been a challenging yet rewarding experience. It was fun learning about each family's unique bath time routines and it was also exciting to hear a child begin to slowly mimic their caregiver's speech and hear how fast their language grew over time.

What is your favorite part of transcribing?

My favorite part of transcribing would be learning about each family's unique bath time routine. From singing, to splashing, or playing with animal friends, you quickly learn each child's unique quirks that you often catch yourself smiling or laughing along with the families during the transcribing process.

What are some of the most memorable moments?

One of the most memorable moments of transcribing would have to be catching the heartwarming moments caregivers have with their children during bath time. Although it's difficult to choose from a mix of singing, children playing with their animal friends, and making bath time soup or tea for their caregiver, my favorite moment would have to be a caregiver calling their child their "little burrito" followed by giggles and laughter at the end of every bath time, it was a cute moment I was happy to be (slightly) a part of :).

What would people be surprised to know about transcribing a project like this?

I think most people would be surprised to know how challenging it can be to transcribe speech while water is running in the background. Oftentimes, it was quite the challenge attempting to understand caregiver and child speech as it would become blurred in the background.

What are you most excited about for the future of this project?

I'm most excited to see what future research may be conducted that is inspired by the project. This project is extremely unique with so much data that there's many different directions to take that it would be hard to choose one! But most importantly, I'm excited to see this project be published so it can be seen and read by the world!

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