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Soap Suds

Shaunelle Casey

Transcriber & interview intern


University of Cincinnati, ‘20



How Shaunelle would describe herself:

Runner. Nature Girl. Leo. Future Neuropsychologist. Riding the waves of life!

Q&A with Shaunelle

What interests you about this project?

Witnessing the variation in behavior and examining the causes of these variations.

How would you describe your transcribing process?

Hefty but interesting. After 30+ audio files, you seem to come to know the family quite well. Witnessing their interactions change over the span of their recordings made transcribing more interesting.

What is your favorite part of transcribing?

Picking up on the family’s colloquial terms and how they refer to particular objects. At first it is difficult because the word is uncommon but over time it’s something you pick up on and may unconsciously begin using yourself.

What are some of the most memorable moments?

Hearing the target child develop phrases and words that were hard for them in the beginning of the recordings, It’s very touching hearing them grow.

What would people be surprised to know about transcribing a project like this?

The sense of attachment you develop for the family, You are analyzing some of their most intimate moments and it’s natural to feel a sort of bond.

What are you most excited about for the future of this project?

I am excited to analyze the results and perhaps develop solutions in the future to help children continue to develop language.

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